In the final episode of Worm Island season 1 we speak with producer, musician and self-facilitating media node Jackson Davis. Jackson recently clocked over 3 million hits on a song he uploaded to the internet. We can’t even get our Mums to review this podcast on iTunes!  He talks us through his journey to the East, negotiating the musical landscape in China and his path to Mandarin mastery. Meanwhile, the island descends into chaos, someone gets sacrificed to the sandworms, and Gack-Man reveals a secret which could save us all. Will Oracle and Napoleon take heed? Tune in to Worm Island pirate radio to find out!

Jackson’s Stuff

Intro: Filth Dimension – Brown Pelican

Music that sneaky Stephen plays: Dennis and the Spaceships – The Common Good

Dramatic Music During Pit of Death Voting Segment by Joshua Empyre

Gak Man Music by Oracle Audio