In Episode 1 of Worm Island: Cannibals of Worm Island, we speak with Carolyn Decker. With food running out on the island, Carolyn is asked to get serious about her thoughts on cannibalism, and confesses her willingness to eat human flesh. After getting that out of the way, we discusses her amazing travels as a 2014-2015 Watson Fellow and her pursuit of the connections between nature, conservation and writing. She also shares her poems Suzhou Canal and Dust, declares which American nature poet she would most enjoying consuming, and defends the honour of a New Zealand cartoonist from Napoleon’s rapier wit.

Two Spades Poetry the poetry of Carolyn Decker

Wanderlusting the world travels of Carrie Decker

Mary Oliver Carolyn’s favourite nature poet and human meal of choice

Brent Harpur Cartoonist and man of mystery


Intro: Filth Dimension – Brown Pelican