In this episode of Worm Island, we engage in mortal combat with Samurai Aiki-Jujutsu instructor, Brand Nicol. Not really…because we’d be dead right now, but Brand does take some time to explain how the hell a big-ass Scottish dude ended up practicing martial arts in China for several years. You also don’t want to miss our chats about Steven Seagal, falling down drunk and not getting hurt, samurais, and Star Wars. Don’t worry, Napoleon and Oracle keep you up to date with news from the island. And don’t forget the music!

If you’re interested in training with Brand and are in Suzhou, China: 

Friday 6:30 – 8:30 pm
3rd Floor of Guidu Neighborhood Center by Central Park SIP Metro Exit 3
The First Class is Free to Try!

He can be contacted at

Intro: Filth Dimension – Brown Pelican

Music at the end of the episode: The Quickening – Of Books and Bells