In this episode of Worm Island: Beyond Thunder Dome, we probe island election front runner Turner Sparks as to whether he is the hero we have been waiting for. Following this we deep dive into hard-talk covering many of the hot-button topics swirling around Sparks; stand-up comedy, soft serve ice-cream and life on the road.


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Turner Sparks

Turner’s Website

Kung Fu Comedy

Intro: Filth Dimension – Brown Pelican 

Post Scott Fucking up the Island Music: Cold Radiation – Future Shocks

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    That poor kid with the tomato!

  2. JimmyJohns

    Scott is such a toolbag

  3. Not Napoleon

    Guestbooks! I feel like I’ve slipped through a time portal and woken up in a GeoCities fever dream. You got mail! Also, long live Worm Island!

  4. Stevedave69

    Where did you interview Turner? A fucking submarine, or at the bottom of a well? Suck it, losers!

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